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September 22, 2010

En Fuego

One of our favorite eating spots in the Kapolei area is En Fuego. It's located in the Kapolei Shopping Center near Safeway. It's a little pricey for a plate lunch joint but it's well worth it. Their menu is filled with all of the standard plate lunch choices, but since I'm a big fan of garlic chicken, I order that at every visit and thus cannot comment on the rest of their menu. My brother ordered a mixed plate of shrimp scampi and garlic ahi. He said it was pretty good.

The rest of us ordered the garlic chicken. It was not as garlicky as Sugoi's, but still pretty damn tasty.

En Fuego 590 Farrington Highway 674-8805 Mon-Sat 730-2000 Sun 730-1600 www.enfuegogrill.com

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2 people spreading the Aloha:

Thom says:

I'm so glad this came back up. It was there in my reader yesterday and I couldn't get to it. I couldn't get to it either from clicking on your comment on my blog. But here it is. :) WOOT!!! This is a great place. I've been there many many times when I drove for Roberts. Excellent food. My only gripe with this place is when it gets busy, and boy I've been there when it's been packed, the food takes forever to get to you. But I put that aside because it's sooooo good. :)

gigihawaii says:

This restaurant seems to like garlic. I am rarely in Kapolei and should be more adventurous!