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November 21, 2010

Jimmy Buffett's Restaurant & Bar at the Beachcomber

The first time we went to a Jimmy Buffett's restaurant was during our honeymoon in Mexico. We went to the Cancun location and ate the nachos. DH and I shared, and it was all that we ate.

It was sooooo huge!

The funny thing is that DH does not remember eating it. His co-worker happened to mention how he went to the Jimmy Buffett's Restaurant & Bar at the Beachcomber, and that DH had to try the nachos because they give A LOT.

I told DH that we already tried it!

But since he didn't really remember, he wanted to go to Jimmy Buffett's and indulge in some nachos.

Here is the Volcano Nachos with Chicken.

It comes topped with chili, and we asked for it on the side (although I could still see a lot of chili throughout the nachos).

Needless to say we could not finish it. It was huge.

HUGE! Even the customers around us looked at the plate in shock!

DS1 had the Kids Grilled Cheese.

DS2 had the Kids Chicken Strips.

Both of the kids meals came with fries.

Since we were celebrating both the boys' birthdays (they're birthdays are a day apart), they both got complimentary ice cream sundaes.
They were soooo huge too and there was no way that we were going to let them eat all that ice cream by themselves, so of course DH and I helped them eat it!

The food was good, our server was great, and it was really nice to dine out in Waikiki!

Jimmy Buffett's Restaurant & Bar at the Beachcomber: 2300 Kalakaua Avenue Honolulu, HI 96815 - (808) 791-1200

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