November 11, 2010


Sasabune's reputation is one of intimidation. Most people who are picky eaters will stay away from this place because it's known to have a "sushi Nazi" who decides your menu for you and also demands that you eat it his way (I.e. With or without shoyu). For this very reason, I never wanted to try this place even though it's also has a reputation for having the best sushi in town. For my birthday, my brother and his girlfriend gave me a card which stated that their gift to me was dinner at Sasabune, or a restaurant of my choice. They persuaded me to try Sasabune, so here we go. The outside of the restaurant has signs that say "trust me,". Scary.

You haven't really eaten at Sasabune unless you eat at the sushi bar and opt for the omakase menu, which translated into English means "it's up to you". "You" means the chef, not the customer. Unfortunately, i forgot to take a picture of the first course, which was albacore tuna with ponzu sauce. baby squid with blue crab

Two pieces of Toro

Left: Hirami Right: red snapper

Two pieces of Hamachi

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I am not sure if this guy is the head sushi chef (a.k.a. Sushi Nazi) but don't you think he could pass for one? He was glaring at the couple sitting at a table directly in front of them, whose twin newborns were crying. Note to self: do not come here with babies or small children.

Left: scallop from Boston Right: king salmon from New Zealand

Left: fresh oyster from Vancouver Right: baked oyster from Seattle

Left: shrimp Right: skip Jack tuna

Left: golden eye snapper right: kanpachi

At Sasabune, they save the best for last. Two pieces of negitoro

Since my brother is allergic to lobster, they gave him butterfish

Lobster tail

Tamago topped with eel

Blue crab hand roll

When the menu is complete, the chef will ask if you want to order anything else. At this point you can now order something that you've already tried, or something new. For me, I was full at the end of the presentation, but my brother had room for a negitoro hand roll which looked really good. Since I didn't pay, I don't know the exact cost of the omakase menu, but I know it was at least $100. I will assure you that it's worth every penny. It was the best sushi experience of my life (I have yet to visit Japan but i cannot imagine it getting any better than this). Reservations are a must. Sasabune / 1417 S. King street / 947-3800
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