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April 25, 2011

La Tour Cafe

Bale is well known for their freshly baked breads and Vietnamese food. When I heard that they were opening a new restaurant called La Tour Cafe, I wasn't that excited since I'm not a big fan of Vietnamese food. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that it's a completely different concept from their usual Vietnamese cuisine. You won't find any Pho or Summer Rolls at La Tour Cafe.

My friends tried the french onion soup. They said it was pretty good.

We are lovers of french fries and had to try them. They were crispy and seasoned nicely with salt and pepper.

The french dip sandwich was a winner. The bread was very soft and did not shred the roof of your mouth like many other french breads. The folks at Bale really know how to make good bread. The beef was medium rare, with a tinge of red. The au jus was perfect.

We will be returning soon to try their panini sandwiches and flat bread pizza!

La Tour Cafe
888 N. Nimitz Highway
(808) 697-5000
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