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September 16, 2011

Nanzan Giro Giro

For my birthday, my husband treated me to a dining experience at Nanzan GiroGiro. It's kaiseki-style, meaning it's a traditional multi-course dinner. It's a set menu which changes every month. The price is $50 per person, plus an extra $8 for dessert.

They don't have the menu written down, so here's the visuals of what we ate along with a layman's description of the food based on my memory:

I love when food is prepared right before my eyes



Tempura battered scallop in a clear broth

Beef tataki

Another fish?

Chicken, lotus root and liver

Ahi poke, uni



Nanzan GiroGiro
560 Pensacola Street
(808) 524-0141

Reservations required
Street Parking

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2 people spreading the Aloha:

*Mom's Best Bets says:

Yum...these pictures are make the food look really good. Never been there before

nanigurl says:

The portions are small and you may still be hungry after the meal, but it's a Japanese meal like no other...