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December 10, 2011

Hinone Mizunone

Hinone Mizunone is one of my favorite places for a work-day lunch. The service is friendly, quick, and the food is delicious. Their daily specials are a great deal - lots of food at a reasonable price. They also have a table full of grab-n-go bentos at the entrance to the restaurant.

This restaurant prides itself on its rice. From the outside of the restaurant, you can watch them make their rice using an old-fashioned pot, not an electronic rice cooker that most of us have at home. They make the rice in the window on purpose, to show everyone that their rice is not made in a rice cooker. Don't ask me if their rice tasted superior to other restaurants - I ordered the udon. [my friend ordered the katsu which did come with rice, but I didn't learn about the specialness of their rice until after our meal]

Chicken Katsu

Tempura (part of the tempura udon)


Hinone Mizunone
1345 S. King Street
(808) 942-4848

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