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December 8, 2011

Restaurant Epic

The girls recently went to Restaurant Epic for R's bridal shower dinner.

We ordered the Baby Spinach Salad, which we all shared.

It was good!

I ordered the Chicken 'n Biscuits.

It's basically fried chicken on biscuits covered in a Thai curry sauce.  I don't usually care for Thai curry, but this dish was DELICIOUS!  I would absolutely order this again.

I also ordered a side of Poutine.
The other girls never heard of Poutine before so they all tried some.

It was pretty good.  I didn't eat very much though, only because I was so full from the Chicken 'n Biscuits!

Three of the girls ordered the Crab & Bacon Pasta Carbonara.

They all commented how it was pretty good, but a little too rich.

One of the girls ordered Miso Glazed Wild Salmon.

Of course we had to order dessert (which we all shared).

The Swiss Apple Crumble with Vanilla Ice Cream.

The Chocolate Decadence Cake (our server gave the guest of honor this complimentary dessert).
The Baked Stuffed French Toast.
The desserts were pretty good--my favorite was the Chocolate Decadence.

Overall we had a nice time, and although I thought the service was a bit slow, our server was nice and friendly and I thought the food was good.

You can park in the parking garage, which is right across the street, for $8, or you can valet park for $8 (Restaurant Epic and Indigo share valet parking).

Also, the area can seem a little scary, especially at night (and we were there Halloween weekend so imagine seeing people dressed up as monsters and devils!).

However, it was a really nice restaurant that served innovative, delicious menu items and I'm glad we had a chance to try it!

Restaurant Epic: 1131 Nuuanu Avenue,  Honolulu, HI 96817,(808) 587-7877

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