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December 17, 2011

Ryan's Grill

After dinner at Little Village Noodle House, one of the girls wanted to get a drink, so we ended up at Ryan's Grill at Ward Centre.

Two of the girls shared a carafe of Ryan's Sangria (Red).

Our driver didn't drink, so she ended up getting the Banana Lumpia.  It looked really good!
I didn't drink either, but I did get dessert - Chocolate Mousse Cake.

It was REALLY good. It was chocolatey and rich, and can you believe I couldn't even finish it?

That was the first time I went to Ryan's in years, but it was a good place to go for drinks and dessert!

Ryan's Grill: 1200 Ala Moana Boulevard  Honolulu, HI 96813, (808) 591-9132

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homeschoolceo says:

Yum! Sounds like a fun night ;)