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February 8, 2012

Bernini Honolulu

Bernini has been open for almost a year, and it looks like it'll be around for a while. On a Tuesday night, every table was spoken for. The atmosphere is bright, a little on the loud side, but classy and professional.

Contrary to most Italian eateries in town that drown their pasta dishes with sweetened sauces and load of cheese, Chef Matsumoto at Bernini adds just enough sauce and cheese to his pasta so that the customer can still
appreciate the taste and texture of the pasta.

Their pizzas are served with a ultra thin crust (it was so thin that it broke apart when I tried to scoop it up with my hands), and lightly topped with cheese and other goodies. You won't find a "supreme" pizza on the menu. Most pizzas come with just a few ingredients so that you can enjoy the distinctive taste of each ingredient.

Dessert-wise, their panna cotta is their best seller and a nice way to end your meal.

Bernini Honolulu
1218 Waimanu Street
(808) 591-8400
Tues - Sun 5:30 pm - 11:00 pm
Reservations highly recommended

2 people spreading the Aloha:

Kay says:

This looks like a very expensive place.

Nat says:

It is, but a very nice place to go for a special occasion.