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February 21, 2012

En Fuego Grill & Catering

It's been a while since DH and I picked up food from En Fuego Grill & Catering, and although the prices have (not surprisingly) gone up, the food pretty much tasted just as good as the last time we had their food.

DH had the Spicy Garlic Chicken and Teriyaki Salmon combo with Tossed Salad.

Although he said the Garlic Chicken was not that spicy, he thought the food was pretty good.

I had the regular Garlic Chicken plate with Mac Salad.

The Garlic Chicken was just as tasty as the last time I had it. 

En Fuego Grill is a great option for plate lunches in the Kapolei area!

En Fuego Grill & Catering 590 Farrington Hwy., Kapolei, 96707, 808-674-8805

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