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February 10, 2012

Izakaya Tairyo

It's hard to miss this restaurant on the makai end of Piikoi. Just above the bright lights and fish nets you'll see a giant red Japanese Koi painting on the roof. The fish theme is apparent on the inside as well, with glass balls, more fish nets and waiters and waitresses wearing clam digger and slippers.

It's best to come here with a group of people so that you can try more dishes. The food pictures below was the perfect amount for our party of 4. My favorite dishes of the night were the agedashi tofu, and the steamed basket with beef and veggies.

The one thing that did not impress me was the honey toast. Too much honey and not enough butter. Shokudo's honey toast still reigns supreme in my book.

Izakaya Tairyo
514 Piikoi St
(808) 592-8500

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Kay says:

Wow! This looks so delicious!