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March 19, 2012

Panda Cuisine

Panda Cuisine used to be one of my favorite restaurants for lunch time dim sum. When the restaurant recently closed and re-opened under new ownership, I was sad when I heard that the new owners are no longer offering dim sum. But, instead they are featuring a $7.99 lunch special menu, and it appears to be a hit.

We visited the new Panda Cuisine on a Sunday morning around 11:15 am, and the restaurant was packed. We got a table immediately, and our timing couldn't have been better, because ever since we got seated, there was a steady flow of customers coming in. Many of the customers were Chinese-speaking, which can mean only one thing - this is the real deal.

Here's what we came for - the $7.99 lunch specials. There were at least 50 items on the menu for $7.99.

Parking is located underneath the restaurant. There is a charge during the day, but it is free at night.

$7.99 orange peel chicken - not your run-of-the-mill orange chicken - no heavy batter, just a tangy glaze, making this dish lighter than most places that serve orange chicken.

All $7.99 lunch specials come with the soup of the day. It was very good.

$7.99 String beans with minced pork

$9.99 lobster special - ginger sauce over e-mein noodles. A majority, if not all tables had at least one lobster on their table. I believe they impose a limit on the number of lobsters you can order. I can see why.

Panda Cuisine
641 Keeaumoku Street
(808) 947-1688

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Kay says:

Those green beans look wonderful. I think Panda Express has something like that with chicken.