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June 8, 2012

Pioneer Saloon

Despite it's name, this is not a western bar, and there are no cowboys. Pioneer Saloon, located at the foot of Diamond Head Crater on Monsarrat Avenue, is actually a Japanese-influenced plate lunch establishment.

As such, much of the menu is comprised of fish - mackerel, salmon, and butterfish. They also offer chicken, grilled or fried (pictured below); and beef (hamburger steak, teri beef, miso, rib eye).

Every plate comes with your choice of rice - white, brown (no extra charge), or wakame shiso (50 cents extra).

Great place to come for Japanese style plate lunches in a casual setting. Service is spotty, and if it's crowded, be prepared to wait a long time for your food. If you know what you want, call in your order before you head down there (most of the menu has been posted on Yelp).

Also, they do not have free water, so bring your own or be prepared to buy a bottled drink for $2.

Pioneer Saloon
3046 Monsarrat Avenue
(808) 732-4001
Tuesday - Sunday 11am - 8pm
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