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July 21, 2012


We recently had a girls night out dinner at YuZu.

Here are some of the drinks that some of the girls ordered:

YuZu Mojito

Sorry - can't remember what this is.
Akawain Zen-gria

Here is the food:

Lotus Root Pizza

Temari Sampler

I believe this was a sushi dish that was on the specials menu
Mango Quinoa Salad (also on specials menu)

Organic Yukon Frites
Shoyu Ginger Soy Karaage
Temari 5-0
Yuzu Pepper and Teriyaki Yakitori

Choco Banana Crepe (Bananas & Nutella)

Another Crepe - I think it had Strawberries and Chocolate

I tried a few of the dishes (not the sushi ones since I don't eat seafood), and my favorites were the Fries and the Teriyaki Chicken Yakitori.  The Salad was pretty good as well.  The Lotus Root Pizza (one of the most popular items at YuZu) and Soy Karaage were okay.

Despite sharing so many dishes (5 of us shared 6 dishes), we felt like we could've ordered and eaten a lot more.

Overall, the food was pretty good and our server was great (he was very helpful and very funny).

It was a fun night out with the girls!

YuZu: 410 Atkinson Dr; Honolulu, HI 96814; (808) 943-1155

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