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August 9, 2012

Olive Tree Cafe

In a couple of weeks, the annual Greek Festival will take place at McCoy Pavilion at Ala Moana Beach Park. The Greek Festival is a two day event filled with entertainment, arts & crafts, and most importantly, authentic Greek cuisine. While the Festival only comes around once a year, you can get your fill of authentic Greek cuisine all year around at little neighborhood restaurant in Kahala called the Olive Tree Cafe.

There is no waiter service (you order at the counter, and pick up at the counter), and it's BYOB. Yet the restaurant is always busy and bustling with activity.

The line to place your order can often reach to the door, and you'll never see an empty table upon arrival during peak dining times. But not to worry, because it'll take a while for your food to come out, and chances are, a table will free up while you're waiting for your food.

If you can't stand waiting for your order, call ahead and place a take our order (call at least 30 minutes in advance).

The hummus is a great appetizer to start with and a must if you are starving. It'll come out before your entree so you can enjoy it while you wait for the rest of your order. As for the main event, the souvlaki is a safe bet for those who are trying Greek cuisine for the first time, or in the mood for something healthy. It's filled with grilled meat or fish and loaded with Tzatziki sauce. Ask for extra napkins because the sauce oozes out all over the place.


Souvlaki with Lamb



Olive Tree Cafe
4614 Kilauea Avenue
(808) 737-0303
Hours: Monday-Sunday 5pm - 10 pm

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