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August 28, 2012

Seven Palms Bar and Grille

Formerly Sam Snead's Tavern, the Seven Palms Bar and Grille boasts new decor and a new menu.

I frequented Sam Snead's while working at my former job (it was just a two-minute drive away), and I was eager to see how much better (or worse) it was than Sam Snead's.

DH ordered the Monte Carlo (yes, just like a Monte Cristo).  He said it was really good.

I ordered the BLT & A (for avocado) with Garlic Steak Fries. I was expecting a humble little BLT, but it looked like a club sandwich. Everything was delicious, including the fries.

The Kids Menu is the CHEAPEST I've ever seen anywhere - $2! That's right - TWO DOLLARS! Meals do not come with a drink, but they do come with a "popsicle."

And for $2 - the portions were pretty large!

We normally don't order any meals for DS3 - we usually share whatever we order with him, but at $2, we decided to order him a Pizza.

DS2 had the Dino Chicken Nuggets (yes, just like the frozen ones you can buy in the store, but he still enjoyed them, and at $2 - I can't complain!).

DS1 had the Mac & Cheese (he devoured the entire thing).
Here is the popsicle/ice pop the kids had for dessert.

Despite the service being quite slow, our server was really nice and the food was really good, and the Kids Meal price is just outstanding, so I'm sure we'll visit again.

Seven Palms Bar and Grille: 943 Valkenburgh St., Honolulu, Hawaii 96818; 808-421-7267

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