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September 14, 2012


For the average folk like myself, restaurants like Nobu Waikiki are reserved for special occasions, such as a birthday or anniversary. After hearing and reading mixed reviews on the restaurant, we never had the desire to try it, even on a special occasion. But then we received a gift certificate, and we weren't about to let it go to waste, and so we decided to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary at Nobu.

The restaurant has regular dining tables and a sushi bar. By the time we left, ever seat on the bar was occupied.

New Style Sashimi

Steamed Sea Bass with Black Bean Sauce

King Crab Leg Amazu Ponzu

Black Cod Saikyo Miso

All of this plus a glass of wine came out to almost $200. I'd say that's quite pricey considering the portions were small (we were still hungry after our meal) and we didn't order dessert. At least I can cross this restaurant off my list of restaurants to try.

Nobu Waikiki
2233 Helumoa Road
(808) 237-6999


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