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October 24, 2012

Off-Island: Polly's Pies - Santa Ana

After visiting the Discovery Science Center, we went to have lunch at Polly's Pies.

When we first arrived, a man asked how many was in our party and then left for several minutes to talk to the manager about something before returning and seating us.

We were waiting for quite a while before the man returned, and he proceeded to direct us toward our table.  He didn't seem very friendly, so I thought we were in for an unpleasant dining experience, but fortunately our server, Karina, was very sweet and helpful.

 I ordered the King Edward's Club Sandwich with Fries.  Everything was delicious!   

DS3 ordered the Kids Chicken Fingers with Fries.  We normally don't order a meal for DS3 when we dine out - we all usually share what we order with him, but each kids meal was only $2.99, and at that price we decided to order a meal for him.
DS2 had the Silly Face Pancake.

DH had the BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger.
DS1 had the Kids Mac & Cheese with a side of Fruit.
Of course we had to order pies for dessert (how could we visit a place called Polly's Pies and not try a slice of pie?).  We actually had a coupon for a free pie for signing up for Polly's Pies' e-club, and we got the Banberry Pie.
It was sooooo good! The pie consisted of banana cream pie filling and was topped with strawberries.  It was a delicious combination!  We also ordered a slice of Chocolate Cream Pie. It was creamy and delicious, but Banberry is my favorite of the two.
At the end of our meal, we were surprised when we were given a complimentary Cinnamon Roll upon paying our receipt at the bakery counter.

It was GIGANTIC!  We ended up eating it for breakfast the next morning.  It was sweet and delicious.  My boys devoured it!

Even though our lunch didn't start off that well, it sure ended on a very sweet note!

Polly's Pies: 2660 North Main Street  Santa Ana, CA 92705; (714) 547-9681
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