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January 6, 2013

Forty Niner Restaurant

Whenever we have chilly weather, I always crave saimin, and I was able to satisfy that craving with a trip to Forty Niner Restaurant recently.

When we got there I was *this close* to ordering Garlic Chicken instead, but I knew I'd regret it if I didn't get Saimin, and I was very happy that I did indeed order Saimin.  It was delicious!

DH ordered the Forty Niner Omelet with Fried Rice.
We also ordered a full stack of Chocolate Chip Pancakes (we wanted Blueberry, but they were out of Blueberries)...
and a full stack of Banana Pancakes (certain breakfast items are served all day).

The boys all shared the pancakes, and we ended up with a lot leftover to take home, even after DH had half a pancake.

The pancakes were large and fluffy, and the boys loved them.

We also ordered a side of fries - I should've ordered gravy on the side.  I love fries and gravy!
Luckily we got there when we did, because there's only one high chair in the entire restaurant and it was not being used when we arrived.

The service was friendly, the prices were reasonable, and the food was good!

Next time I go back I'll try the Garlic Chicken...maybe...

Forty Niner Restaurant: 98-110 Honomanu Street  Aiea, HI 96701; 808-484-1940

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