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March 19, 2013

Uncle's Fish Market & Grill

I recently met Nat at Uncle's Fish Market & Grill.

Even though I don't eat seafood, when I originally looked online at the menu, I saw that they served Mahi Tacos, and was planning on ordering that (since the only fish I usually eat is Mahi).  However, the online menu must've been outdated, because their current menu offered another type of fish in their tacos.

There was a chicken dish on the menu, but that dish didn't sound like something I wanted to eat, and since I was really looking forward to the tacos, the server ended up recommending Monchong (she said they were flexible in substituting the type of fish), and so I ended up ordering Monchong Tacos after Nat said Monchong is good (since she is the more experienced foodie, after all).

When I got the tacos, the smell of the Monchong immediately turned me off and I almost didn't bother trying it, but it turned out tasting a lot better than it smelled.

I still wish they had Mahi instead, but the Monchong wasn't all that bad.

Nat ended up ordering the Poke Tower.
For dessert we shared the Japanese Cheesecake. It was really light and delicious!

There is plenty of parking and we had a friendly server, and I'm sure those who love seafood will enjoy the offerings at Uncle's Fish Market & Grill.

Uncle's Fish Market & Grill: 1135 N Nimitz Hwy, Honolulu, HI  96817; (808) 275-0063
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