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April 4, 2013

Big Kahuna's Pizza 'n Stuffs

When I used to work near the airport, our office would order from Big Kahuna's Pizza 'n Stuffs often, and recently I was craving some of their famous Garlic Cheese Balls, so we stopped by to pick some up, along with some pizza, of course.

The Garlic Cheese Balls were fresh out of the oven (as were the pizzas - everything is made to order, but is worth the wait).  It was yummy - cheesy and garlicky.  I remember them being a lot more garlicky, but it was still good.

My husband ordered the Texan pizza, which was topped with beef brisket, onions, & Hawaiian BBQ sauce.
I ordered the Banzai pizza, which was topped with Teriyaki chicken, mushrooms, and green onions.  The pizza was good and very filling.  I ordered a personal size pizza, and I could only finish half (although I did eat 3 garlic balls).

The pizzas are loaded with toppings are are very tasty, but if you prefer a sandwich, they can convert any pizza into a sandwich!

But I highly recommend getting a pizza.

And some Garlic Cheese Balls!
Big Kahuna's Pizza 'n Stuffs: 550 Paiea St., Honolulu, HI  96819, 833-5588
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